Known v83 problems.

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Known v83 problems.

Post by Maple on Sat Dec 19, 2015 3:45 pm

Error code: -2147467259
You need to update your drivers OR disable your antivirus software.

Error code: 10093
1. Click Start then go to all programs, accessories, command prompt 
2. Right click the command prompt and click 'Run as Administrator'. 
3. On the command prompt box type netsh winsock reset 
4. Press enter and restart your computer.
This is a problem with Windows Vista users. 

Error 38
This error may happen randomly or you stayed in the cash shop for too long. Just start MushiMS client again.
Some skills get you the errors.

Server Check/Firewall
1. It is because the server is down or in the middle of restarting 
2. If server is up and you have this error, try disabling any antivirus/firewall you have against the MushiMS client 
3. You have been MAC banned
4. Your internet is not connected. 

Missing ijl15.dll
Download the dll file from here
Also, check to see if the MushiMS client has been placed in your v83 folder. 
Put MushiMS client in your v83 maple folder, and run the client MushiMS from there.

Can't get pass login
1. Run the client as an admin (for vista & win 7 users) 
2. If other players can get online, disable your loopback adaptor. 
3. If the problem still exists, wait for a server restart. (Server login is probably down)

Error Code -2147287038
This error is caused by a missing WZ file in your MapleStory v83 folder. The most common cause is a missing mob.wz. T
his error also happens if you have custom files from other servers in your v83 folder. So just download the clean v83 wz files
Alternatively, reinstall maple. Go to control panel > programs & features > MapleStory > uninstall. Then reinstall using the downloads.

Account does not exist / Unregistered ID
Most common cause of this is because you installed v83 into the same folder where your GMS or other versions are saved. 
Make a new folder on the desktop or wherever you want and name it something like Maplestory v83. 
Then, install v83 into the new folder, put the MushiMS client in the folder you installed v83, and then login. If this doesn't work, your account might be deleted. 

Error code: -2147024883 (The data is invalid.)
Uninstall and reinstall Maplestory.

DC after PIC
Your loopback adapter is on use the steps below:

*Windows XP Guide
Open "My Computer"
Right click on "My Computer" followed by click "Properties"
Click on the "Hardware" tab and then click "Device Manager"
Click the "+" sign next to Network Adapters
Click on Microsoft Loopback Adapter, followed by click delete button
Then a confirmation pop up will open, Choose OK.
Done, uninstall process successfully accomplished and MushiMS starts working

*Windows 7 & Vista Guide
Open your control panel
Click on Network and Internet
Click on Network and Sharing Center
On the left side there is a "change adapter settings" link, click it (For Vista users this is a Manage Network Connections)
There should be several "local area network" icons, disable them.
OR It could be a MAC ban

Error code : -2147287038 (Unknown error 0x800300002)
1) Download a clean Npc.wz file here.
2) Extract the Npc.wz into your MapleStory folder.
3) When prompted, replace the new Npc.wz with the existing one.

Error code: -2005532292 (unknown error 0x8876017C)
1) Disable your firewall.
2) Restart MushiMS
3) If step 1 fails, uninstall your firewall program.
4) Restart your computer, then launch MushiMS
5) If unsuccessful, install a different firewall program.

Blackscreen Fix
*Option 1:
1. Find MushiMS in your folder and right click it.
3. Click on 'Properties'.
4. In the menu choose 'compatibility' click on 'Settings for users' (or something like that, it should be at the bottom above the 'OK' button).
This will open a new screen on top of your properties, then find the Check box under 'Compatibility Mode'
5. Put the thing under it on 'Windows XP (Service pack 2)'
6. Run as Administrator and Press 'OK'.

*Option #2:
1. Go to 'Processes'
2. Find MushiMS in the list and right click it
3. Click on Priority
4. Change it to realtime(/high might work too)
(If you get a note that you cannot change it, go to Computer> C: > Windows > System 32 > Taskmgr.exe
Right click Taskmgr.exe and run as admin
Once you did this you should be able to change the priority)

''MapleStory has stopped working''
Try to run it with compatibility mode, and try running it as admin.
Redownload v83 completely, and redownload MushiMS.
If that still doesn't work then I suggest you reset your whole computer.
This only happened with VISTA users.

Error -2147024809 (The parameter is incorrect.)
Right click on the client and click properties > compatibility tab.
Change the settings : Compatibility mode > Windows 7. 
Reduced color mode checked and 8-bit 256 color. 
Privilege level > run this program as administrator and click apply. 

Have fun~
-Maple (I don't take credits for this, I found it)

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